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God fill my heart and mind with what you desire. Make me lost in you, so I can be busy in your works and not my own problems. Get me lost in community service, so I can forget the troubles of the world. Consume my mind and take over my ****ful desires, my ferars and anxiety. Remind me that I'm not alone and that everthing will be all right. I also pray that you will take this new relationship and slow things down. I am over analyzing everthing about my time with this girl and it's starting to drive me crazy. Fill my time up with you Lord so I can forget this girl for now. God I also pray that you improve my confidence. It is really low and is starting to play games in my mind. I constantly think that it's impossibe for her to even be interested in me. Stopp those thaughts. They are starting to hurt me and make me want to give up for something great and just settle for less, which is the safe route. Sorry for the novel Lord. Amen

by The Patriot

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Cast your fears aside for the Lord is with those who seek Him. You do, He knows. The Lord is Your Shepherd and you shall not want. He is your cloth and cloak. May His Blessings fall upon you as you continue to bring Him Glory. May Prayers are with You.

Anonymous | on Jan 27, 2010

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