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For the Lord IS GOOD and his mercy is everlasting. In everything GIVE HIM THANKS. Dont blame God when things YOU WANT to happen, DON'T GO YOUR WAY. If you make it about you, he going to make you understand it is NOT ABOUT YOU, IT'S ABOUT HIM. GOD IS SUPPOSE TO BE FIRST AND FOREMOST IN OUR LIFE, give him praise, bless his holy name, thank him, for waking you up! People in Haiti are Thanking God in the Rumble! You crying, moan and groan about materials, boyfriends,girlfrends. Yes God is our father, provider, protector, way maker and he will show all this But YOU HAVE TO MAKE GOD FIRST, PUT HIM FIRST AND ALL THINGS SECOND THAN WATCH HIM WORK!!! I THANK YOU GOD FOR BEING MY LORD AND SAVIOR AND I SURRENDER MYSELF TO YOU! In Jesus Mighty Name, Amen.

by ~Just Keep Praying~

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First of all "OUR" GOD hears all our needs and wants to help each and everyone one of us. Self religious lol, u r fuuny~b4 u start calling names u better read the bible, this is in the bible. I diffently have faults BUT I got somebody that is fixes and corrects it too.LOL. Baby girl ya betta keep it moving and keep praying. Guilty feeling means your not doing or saying something right, so that's on you not me. LoL, the guiltest person had a negative comment. Keep it moving, cause the devil is a liar! And IF YOU DON'T LIKE WHAT I SAID~DON'T READ IT, HELLOOOOOOOO. You say what you want, I'm going to say what I want. God Bless you B. Have a great day.

~Just Keep Praying~ | on Jan 27, 2010


~Just Keep Praying~ | on Jan 27, 2010

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