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Lord I come giving thanks for sending comfort for my friend. Lord thank you for blessing that are going to Haiti. Lord thank you for waking me up and remove thoughts of worries from me today. Lord I ask you keep me from falling back into routine of worrying blessed me to leave it at bay. Lord I ask you to wrapped your arms on the loves one that have lost a loved one or feeling lost and stuck. Lord I know you can ease burden of sorrow and make it go away. Lord I know you can walk anybody out of situation that does not seem to have solution. But I know Lord you can.because did it for me. Lord watch over my residents. Lord watch over my family and friend just as my.boyfriend family and friends. Lord keep us on the path that you guide us on. Lord forgive us for.our sins. Lord have mercy us. Lord speak to ones who have doubts in their minds intervene in the conflict of confusing thoughts. Lord intervene with me lord knows I m not perfect but stay with me always to make sure I don t let my thoughts get to best of me. In Jesus name I speak on inspiring people to notice lord I speak on healing lord I speak on.encouragement. lord hear me I m working on to be worthy of you. Lord I pray for others who know you but who cannot speak to you and the ones who don't know you. Lord guide us by your hand. Lord in Jesus name to keep devil where he belong in Jesus name protects your children Lord. In Jesus name amen amen.again

by miss kind heart future pt

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