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I think I disobeyed you last night. I can't believe that happened. Please lord, forgive me. I am sorry. I truly love you and I want you to be my saviour. I feel so trapped. Take care of me. goodnight.

by Valster

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Valster. Just to let you know that not one single person in this world is perfect. Only JESUS, He's the only perfect One. JESUS Loves you just the way your are. He understands your weaknesses. Father GOD has tremendous plans for you! That's why I'm here to encourage you. You are a huge threat to the enemy, he's terrified of you! But you must become strong in the in JESUS', the Holy Spirit will guide you and make a way for you to escape from sin. Valster, please give your all to the Lord JESUS. So mamy people really need you. They are perishing because you won't step out in faith! JESUS wants you to do the same works He did, and even greater! Please Valster, GOD needs you to be obedient to Him. A lil secret... GOD will cause you to be uncomfortable with your comfort zone. He's going to shake you, so you can move into the unseen realm. Your going to be just fine. GOD BE WITH YOU(:

Othniel | on Jan 26, 2010

Thank you so much othniel. You have inspired me with this. God bless you!!

Valster | on Jan 27, 2010

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