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Please pray God gives me mercy for a new promised land. Due to being too fearful the man God was promising me In marriage and as a ministry partner married another women and the doors to ministry are completly shut for me. We were supposed to be a couple serving the lord as worship ministers. I could have been married to him right now and possibly with our first child on the way. I'm really struggling with reading the book of joshua adit seems I've missed my promised land. I really fell in love with this man he was a beautiful man of God! I would have been so privaledged to be his wife. I can't think of any manthat I respect the same way right now more than him. Please pray God has mercy on me and does some reviving inthis area for me. I keep hoping they will I forget the term that's used but annul the marriage and he come marry me instead. It hasn't been six months yet. :-(. I feel he was just perfect for me I have never met someone I felt so perfectly intune spiritually and gifted as well we complemented each other well! I really need Gods help right now please pray for me! I feel my future has been completely ruined due to this and my fear that kept me back it was so demonically inspired too.

Is that true that God only gives you one chance of a promised land? I'm so confused and scared. :-(. Bummed out about it.

by Anonymous

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Hey, don't get down about it! Be certain that god knows your situation and has better planned for you. If we only got one chance at it, humanity would have ended in eden wouldn't it. May our heavenly father bless you 10 fold than you have ever experienced, I will be praying for your situation. Your brother, ieuan

Ieuan | on Jan 26, 2010

I can't believe my previous comment didn't post ugh! This is where my confusion comes from. You see God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. So why did he not give the first generation of Israelites a second chance at entering the promised land? I don't get that I know it was because of thier unbelief but why does he give second chances on somethings just not that? Or maybe I'm viewing it wrong? Wrong theology maybe??? Confused at all that! I mean look at Moses he couldn't get a second chance either to enter the promised land flowing with milk and honey instead he had to die in the parched desert? Does God REALLY give second chances according to the bible??? I mean really give me some scriptures to back this up. 1 I'm thinking of is lamantations 3 his mercies are new every morning. It doesn't say anything about second chances? I'm trying to think of new testament examples now?? Can't think of any besides onesimus? Pauls slave that ran away from him in philemon. David in old testament didn't get a second chance at building Gods temple. Abraham did though hmmm. He had Ishmael on his own but God still gave him Issac the promised son cool!!! (I'm typing thinking out loud). Pretty cool example of Abraham! Can you or anyone think of any biblical people God gave second chances to?

Anonymous | on Jan 26, 2010

It depends on the context, if you are talking about heaven he will always give you another shot. But sometimes you just miss opertunities god sends our way because of whatever reason, and who knows if that chance will come again, sometimes it does, sometimes not. I'm sure all of us know that at some point in our walk we have missed the boat, we just need to make sure we are prepared for it next time it comes around because he has even better in store for us. That's me speaking from experience, will look up some scripture for you though when I get a minute

Ieuan | on Jan 27, 2010

Ok cool I'm just trying to figure out where to pick up now that I was counting on this other promised land.

Anonymous | on Jan 27, 2010

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