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Please pray for my husband and for better communication... that we would have the joy and peace like when we married

by MMinCA

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Boy am I with u on that prayer! I have been married to the same man for 26 yrs, and I have to tell u it's not always a picnic. But divorce is not am option, so just imagine how joyful life can be:) I have read over 11 marriage books to making a stronger marragie, I was looking for the scret key to make my marriage strong healthy happy, I flipped and read everything I could find on how to change my man and to capture the past happyness. But what I found, was not what I wanted to know. Before I could be covinced I had to read one mire book, I chose how to have a new husband by Friday, that is such a misleading title. It should read as should all the other books, change u first, then rest will follow. Im thinking Why change me, my man is the one who is not getting it! If I want my marriage to go for another 26yrs, I had to change me, I had to listen how I spoke, and speak, to and about my husband. I had to put my pride away bow my head and pray for the ablity to let the small things go. I had to find new ways to have fun, bike ride and picnic, dinner set up on the floor in living room with candles and family move. I had to grow in myself as I changed so did my husband oh he's far from perfect, and I am no better, but our communication has open up, blame is left out anger is put aside and we talk, but more then that we listen to each other. It's a continuel struggle, but one I determinded to win. I hear ur prayer I live the fustration, anger hurt but as I change and evolve I seeing great eyeopening changes in my man. I hope at least u know ur not Alone and it's a normal part of growth. Keep ur faith, prayers and determination strong I pray gor s blessed marriage for you!

hope | on Jan 26, 2010

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