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Dear God in Yeshua name i ask you what do you want me to do to help my son ? I fasted sooo much for you to deliver him ! I stayed alone at home praying no tv no radio nothing ! Only me and you praying for my son. Now what Lord what else do you want me to do. I am leaving USA leaving my daughter my grandaughter my husband leaving everything to go to where you want me to go ! I will do anything. I will die if you want me to die but please save my son ! DELIVER HIM PLEASE DEAR GOD ! SAVE HIM !.DONT YOU SEE MY TEARS MY PAIN MY SORROW EVERY SINGLE DAY ! PLEASE GOD MY BOY SAVE HIM ! LISTEN DEAR LORD YOU SHOWED HIM TO ME BEFORE HE WAS BORN SERVING YOU ! A MAN THST LOVE YOU AND W YOUR WORD IN HIS HANDS ! PLEASE I WANT TO SEE MY SON SERVING YOU AND LOVING WORSHIPING YOU DEAR GOD.! IN YESHUAS NAME I WANT TO SEE HIM AND MICHELLE AND ANGEL SERVING YOU LOVING YOU IN SPIRIT AND IN TRUTH ! IN YESHUAS POWERFUL NAME I PLEAD .AMEN .

by Gabriella999

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Father thank you for delivering this dear child unto your hands. Keep Lord, this mother safe in her travels. Father I thank you that as she leaves to attend to Her Father's business, healing and deliverance will begin for her son. Let this mother trust in the process of your work. Ease the pain in her heart for Jesus you have heard. Let her know that help and deliverance is on the way for her son. Fret not dear child, Your God who loves you and your son, will save your son. Come Lord Jesus save this lost lamb. In your mighty name... Amen

Winddancer | on Feb 09, 2012

He hears you always...His will is always whatever happens it is right.

Anonymous | on Feb 09, 2012

God bless you winddancer and all of you who prayed w me for my dear son Oh God bless you and keep you all.Forever grateful !

Gabriella999 | on Feb 09, 2012

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