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Dear God,
Please cure my addictions of cutting, huffing, and popping drugs. I can't continue to live this life. I'm seeking help, but I know I won't be completely cured unless I have You by my side. Rehab has given me only a few minutes of peace and then when I'm out, I'm sucked back in to the grasp of addiction. Your my last hope God. Cure me, make me love myself like I should. Let others love me for me and for the person they think I am. God I give my life and my soul. You are so great in power, that I know You can take away these addictions and throw them away and create a new me. God, I need You!

by 🌺 Jennifer Deans 🌺

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Father,call this into being for Jennifer,she's crying out to you she needs you,she wants you,save het by the power your love,fulfill,her like only you can,the world had no fulfillment,that comes from you,I stand &pray with Jennifer for deliverance,don't waste anymore time,things are tough down here,,,thank-you LORD for understanding,AMEN.

Anonymous | on Feb 09, 2012

Hi,proclaim God promises in 2 Corinthian 5:17, if anyone is in Christ, he is a new creation, the old has gone, the new has come. Trust in Jesus, Always talk to Him about what you want, He will hear you from heaven, behold sister, focus on Him.Amen.

J. T. | on Feb 09, 2012

Since you are new you must walk new, in a new light, this means putting out the old, if you have friends that are still doing what the old you would go & make new friends & when you are strong in your faith you & your new friends can come back to save your old friends should that be Gods will. Right now focus on being the New You.
Embrace the new beginning God has provided you & walk in his graces your life will shine for all to see.
God Bless!

in search | on Feb 09, 2012

I myself struggled with addiction for many years and I know how hard it can be. Everone has something that works differant for them to help them over come the addiction. Meetings rehab help from friend and family are removing them self from the area and temptation. Just remember yor strength will power and prayer will be your best fighting chance. I will keep you in my prayers

Timmons | on Feb 09, 2012

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