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Father, I am so sorry, I feel so very guilty about this being over and over and over again, repretishisly having my very nearvious comdition, somehow I feel like I should be able not to have this condition on my own and I try so hard not too my Jesus, but I am so weak in my fleash with this and so many other things where I just so much need You and wish I knew how to humble myself enough to get You to please take this tremendous burden off of me and let it be nailed to the cross or to lay it down at Your feet. Jesus I am and have been at Your Mercy, my mind will just not function to even describe the problem or problems bundled together that have caused me to now be the nearvious wreak I have become. Lord You know my heart, You know my mind, You know the extreme severity level I have had with these and other emotional problems. Lord You know the long durations of time I have carried all these anxieties. Lord I just want to be well Lord especially in my mind and with the way my emotions are. Lord I got things with my mind and emotions and probably even more so mind that scares me to death. Please help me with this cripling condition that I find myself in and not to be scared of this world and the things that I might come up against. Lord Jesus I know that as much as anything in my life I need You to both forgive me for not trusting You as I should, but to help me so that I will trust You very, very much more in my life. Lord this is just but one more area of my life I fail You, and ask that You magnify my trust by a minimum of ten times what it is now, so that I will not put any trust beyound what should be a normal and healthy trust in myself, and for this I do ask. Jesus please calm my nearves and replace this unsettledness with the replacement of trust. Holy Spirit please pray with the utterances and groanings to The Father on my behalf about these things I have tried to put into words, and Please just lift me every day in all these areas I have tried to describe as You being The Helper and Comforter Jesus promised to leave with us before He temperally left us to go back to Heaven ! It is in His Name Jesus Christ and to You Jesus I ask all this ! Amen !

by KH

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