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I work with alot of college kids and they say you can be a good Chritian and still smoke weed cuz it grows naturally. What are your thoughts? Confused.

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Miss K | on Feb 08, 2012

I ask god to up root it if it didn't come from him
Still waiting for a answer

Anonymous | on Feb 08, 2012

Its a drug, drugs r illegal, people go to jail for drugs,don't think that's what god wants.....imho

peggyann | on Feb 08, 2012

If it's illegal God doesnt allow it. Keep it simple.

In God we trust! | on Feb 08, 2012

I'm a college kid, but I think it's about moderation. Everything is. God wants to be in charge of our lives, not have other people or things in charge. Addiction is a sin. I don't believe it is good to do that, smoke, drink alcohol, or do other such things. My body is a temple of God, and I won't let it be ruined by chemicals, smoke, or addictions. I think it's important for these students to read the Word and reflect upon it by themselves without outside opinion, because that's when we can hear God. Anything harmful done to your body is desecrating the temple of the holy spirit, any addiction is taking control away from God. That is what God and His word have said to me.

Believer | on Feb 09, 2012

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