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How do we know God is real

by mindfreakbyjesus

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Its faith

Anonymous | on Jan 24, 2010

I agree its your faith. You have to believe that there is someone greater than yourself. Do you believe that man originated from some primordial goop?! I don't never will. Science will try to separate us from Him. I bet satan worshippers believe. I will pray that he reveals His presence to you and make you strong and bless you.

phillip | on Jan 24, 2010

It's all about faith, believing, trust and love. God is love. I have seen, I have heard, and ibhave felt his awesome power. He loves you.

Anonymous | on Jan 24, 2010

It's about fath and how all this waz made around us if u read the bible every thang that's yapping now the bible says

one of jesus angels  | on Jan 24, 2010

In time, He'll show himself to you just as He has done to many of His children :) Stay blessed and be faithful

Chyna U. | on Jan 24, 2010

I can only tell you what I tell my children and other prople who ash me that qustions.we all gay her some how rather you call him the saprime being. Or hola or god. We all need to beleave in someone greater than us. Most all raligians beleave in the same god . Its we just inturpunet diffrent. But just read all the bibles and other religens and keep an open mind and make up your on mind . I can only tell you I have been threw a lot bad and good .but I havealways known god was with me. So I pray you find the answar you are seeking .bless you

child of god texas | on Jan 25, 2010

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