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A boy today carried such a burden in his heart, he commited suicide. He was 20 years old. His young life cut short because of a burden so strong he felt no way out. I prayed for his soul and for God to send an angel on my behalf to greet him.
When things get so bad that it seems like there is no way out or no one cares- stop, get on your knees and with all of your inner spirit of pain and agony- cry out to Him with your problem. Give God a chance, one fighting chance to save you from yourself and worldly troubles. There are people suffering terrible loss- many issues of burden. God understands. I understand. We should reach out and help others to understand they are not alone- there are alternatives. Where are the Christian soldiers? Are we taking the time to care for our neighbors as we would ourselves? Does the bible not ask this of us? No one can do our part in Gods plan but us. God, grant me the courage to do more, give more time to others, love more, care more- be more for your will. Satan works tirelessly to wreck our lives, to lie, cheat, steal, and take souls away from God. If we DO more for others- we destroy Satan's plan to ruin us. I pray for the young life lost today and to help my heart to understand this loss of life. I pray for God to conquer fear and replace it with courage. Today, the devil took a soul that belonged to God. Friends, family in Christ - the battle has begun- pray for others- show grace and mercy-give some time for others- DO something without the expectation of reward. God needs us and wants us. He loves us! Gratitude-Humility - humbleness -prayer- they are all free to us.
Protect us, God. Help us help others

by Michael C.

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