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Precious Jesus , I am humbled in spirit . In all that I have done I feel as though I have failed . My spirit is in need of revival . Like so many others when they pray and pray and get no answer. I too pray daily ,lord I pray without ceasing . Lord I see so many things that could be taken right out of revelations chapter 18
. Yet lord I am calm I needs be in a hurry to get a job of any kind ,but yet I await your blessings . Lord you have given me a skill set that is like no man I know . The love of the law , carpentry ,electrical ,the love of wood , philosophy , mechanical ability , chemistry , the ability to love with a true heart , and more that I could mention . I know lord there is a reason for all of that . I know that music has been a huge part of my life but it has gone unnoticed by so many . You lord have put so many people in my path that have been a blessing to me along the way . I can only hope that I have blessed someone as much . I pray I have done right by you . I cannot know until it all ends . This lord God makes my heart sad . I have a radio in my van that is missing an antennae it works but the reception is terrible . How lord do I get back to being in tune with you . Help me to find the right antennae ,the right words ,the right prayer . I feel as though it may be too late , but lord I will keep praying , I will keep having faith ,I will keep your word on my heart even unto the end of this world . Lord Jesus cried to let this cup pass from him . Yet I know that even that had to be fulfilled so that I could have this chance to pray . Thank-you lord . I pray lord that I could find your will for me to be less painful in the future . The deeds of man make me to cry nightly . Although I love you lord I fear your will . It is written that you are a awesome and terrible God . I pray lord for thy favor .
Lord God please set aside a job for me . Please lord God let me see my son graduate . I know its 2.5 years off . Lord God I pray for all those who are struggling with cancer ,especially the children . I pray lord that I can payoff my last debt . Lord this recovery has been hard on many including me . And lord how can I pay this debt I owe you ,I've given my heart ,my life , and all I have is yours . I pray lord you help me to hold my words when they won't be appreciated . You lord gave me that I could share ,and I feel good when I do . Help me lord to understand . In the precious name of Jesus I pray . Amen

by christrider

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It is never too late and nothing is impossible with God on your side. Keep your uncountable faith strong and your eyes fixed on Hom, who is Holy and Almighty. He is working on your behalf. He knows your heart and your needs and, when His timing is right, He will place the right opportunity for you on your path. Praying for you, Cristrider. God bless you.

🌺Peace🌺 | on Feb 08, 2012

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