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Dear Lord I come to you because I don't know which way to turn. My children's father has treated wrong for so long. He's cheated, abused me & he does drugs. 6 months ago I almost had a nervous break down. I thank you Lord for seeing me through. Now he acts as though he needs & loves me so. I'm tired of me & my kids riding his pity wagon. Now I want to break up with him permanently. I need you to guide me Lord he doesn't care about nothing or noone or who he hurts. I'm coming to you for strength & I want our relationship to end peacefully. I need you Lord. I deserve to be happy again. Only you Lord knows what all I have been through. Now I come to you & ask you make it right for me & my kids. Give me strength.

by Anonymous

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I was in the same for 11 years! My son is now 3 and after the cheating, major porn problems, yelling at us, name calling, threatening if i ever left him, and other things... I prayed to god every time I took a shower asking why I couldn't be with someone who really loved me and wanted to treat me good. Finally he got busted and arrested for downloading child porn!!! I got out at that second and now I feel I can breathe in my own home. My son is way happier and I'm extremely happy.

Just pray. God will answer you

Now Free | on Feb 08, 2012

I zo feel u, i wer goin threw da same thing, i had 2 let go alzo. I'm still hurtin when i think of it, but im free & don't hav 2 take dat anymore. May God blezz uz threw zo much pain n our heartz & one day it will heal & dat da Lord will send uz da person 4 uz, datz kwz hw 2 really luv.

Waitin4myturn | on Feb 08, 2012

I went thru the same situation. It was hard to let go at first, but i had to think, not only was i miserble, but i had 2 children to think about. It seemed like i was fighting so hard to get him out of my life, it drained me, severly. But, once i let go and let God, He took care of it. Stay strong and stay prayerful.

Anonymous | on Feb 08, 2012

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