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Scripture says, "The spirit of faith in our words." My question today is, "What's coming out of your mouth?" Are you talking about how big your problems are, or are you talking about how big your God is?

As believers, our attitude should always be an attitude of praise. "Father, business maybe slow, but I want to thank You that You're supplying all of my needs." "My circumstances may seem impossible, but thank You, God that all things are possible with You." We should always find a reason to give thanks.

This is what Jonah did. After complaining for 8 verses, he had a change of heart in verse 9. He said, "God, in spite of my dificulties, I'm going to offer unto You the sacrifice of praise with a voice of thanksgiving." While sitting in the belly of the whale, instead of complaining, he began to worship. The next verse says that the whale spit him out onto dry ground, and he went on to fulfil his destiny.

If you feel like you're in the belly of a whale, if you feel trapped, if things seem dark, remember, praise always precedes the victory. Open your mouth and declare His praises. Say what the Word says and watch the breakthrough come to pass. In Jesus Name. Amen .

by macmac

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Thanks macmac. I really need this admonishment today.

Winddancer | on Feb 08, 2012

Thank you and bless you for this vital reminder!

Anonymous | on Feb 08, 2012

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