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Yu know I can only handle so much. Thank Yu for allowing my parents to put me through school. So I wudnt have to work bc Im sure if I did .. I wuda had to drop out .. nursing school is hard. And as I struggle .. I didnt have a push of guidance through school to kno exactly what to do cept read and take tests .. day by day. Im not Ur ideal student .. by any means, lol.
Ima crappy student but an awesome meriful christian (thank Yu for that spiritual gift - I get Gods world but her on earth I struggle .. I guess its okey Yu have seen me through so many times I cant doubt Yu even while im drowning).

Also thanks for leading me to Impact/Baylife. Where I can go and praise Yu and get fed. Yes, I have struggled to makes friends but finding Yu .. Yu HAVE MADE SO EASY. Another reason why I love Yu so much. (:
Thank Yu for the ppl I have been able to open up to. Hope ppl start opening up to me. Thanks for Ana, Nicole, Keith, Cory, Mike ( and his challenged and eagerness to teach although I get confussed lol (:)
Thanks for Keli that even if we arent close I see Jesus through her. Gina. Cate, Rhonda. Tino! Justin.Alex James and all of them .. ok! Lol.
Amy -
Me - hidden ..

My sister - early.
My brother - soon.
Ms - soon. (: even though we dont talk as much its for a reason and im okey with it. Im over it too. Kinda made me happy but my heart became restless and letting go was easier. If we're suppose to be friends then it will be other than that .. OK Ur will not mine.

C- <3
I lift up my class for tomorrow. Its a big day! ATI - let noone get a level 1 or below. Lets aim for 2s and better. Pap ... for me give me exactly what I need so Io wont become proud.
In Jesus name. Amen.

by Give Me Your Eyes.

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