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Dear father,
My life is in shambles because of the sins I have committed. My daughters mother won't speak to me and the family I had is gone because of my wrong doing. Most days now I wish not to wake up I wish not to be alive anymore the pain is unbearable. I need my family and the loves of my life back. My baby and my fiancรฉ. I need your help to fight these thoughts of suicide and give me strength to keep going, and please help me get my family back I am prepared to do whatever it takes I want to be their example of what you want. Please lord help me in my darkest times I need you now more than ever. Please let her see my feelings and regain her trust to be together. I love you in your name I pray, amen.

by Anonymous

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Amen I feel your pain I will pray for you. Im in the same boat as you. We never realize how much we need something til they're gone.

phillip | on Jan 24, 2010

I'm quite sure your family loves you and wouldn't want u to such a horrible thing, I can feel urpain thru the text, but u have to be strong and have faith that god is gonna make it alright, god loves you I love you and I am praying for u, keep praying because prayer changes things, watch and see

godsendmeanangel | on Jan 24, 2010

God will be in control of your life if you give it up to Him, I will pray for you, and God is always with you even though you can not see Him, my prayer for you is that you see that God is with you and that you will believe in His wonderful works, if you change yours ways God will not let it go unseen. God bless

knate | on Jan 24, 2010

Amen knate

godsendmeanangel | on Jan 24, 2010

Trust and believe that God is answering you as you pray; it is already done and God is restoring and reforming you! Thank God for reformation!

JimmyT | on Jan 24, 2010

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