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I have a situation with the local circuit court judge & the circuit court lawayer that I need Prayer on for Mercy in a situation that should not have ever gotten to the point it did over a what they claim was demestic vilence. It was never that, only a despute in which they really blew out of proportion . My own daughter tried to tell them I was not that way and would not hurt a fly (true) . My attorney made a comment upon my 1st vist at a local city level they were not concerned with real justice, only the income for the city, & on 2nd vist he said it was basically a kangarue court as further elaberation. I could give a lot more details, but basically I just really need Prayer for the way they are that they will please have Mercy upon me, and that The Lord would show Favor upon me and let this thing have as good of an outcome as it can possibly have. I wish I could share more details but it would take to long, so in closing I just want to say I have never before in my life been in trouble with the law, and I promise you before I ask you to Pray for me that this is just a sham and a way of local city government to pull in extra income and to overlook true justice in favor of money. God knows I am telling the truth about this and He is my witness. Please Pray for a favorable outcome from God. Holy Spirit would You too intervene in this matter, taking it before the Father and to soften the hearts of these that are doing wrong and to bring them under conviction ! In Jesus Presious, & Blessed, & Most Marvolous Name ! Amen !

by KH

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