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Lord I can barely find da focus to pray....all I feel is darkness. ...I need ur light and I need ur love...I know I've sinned against both u and myself lord and I beg for ur foregiveness lord for I do not want to sin against u lord. All I want is to be able to do ur will lord not mine...but at times lord I feel alone as if there is no one around me that understands and the ones that do are too far...lord im not sure what to pray for but I do pray that ur hand touch and guide me out of this dark place lord show me your light. ...your morning glory remind me lord of all the beautiful things you have stored for me. ...lord help make this heart of mine lighter as it is weighing heavily on me lord....plea give me a spirit of strength to overcome these mountains..that 300 spirit lord...give me ur armor lord to go into battle with myself and da world lord as the spirit is willing but the body is Weak...alone without you im nothing but a tormented lost soul who can easily become prideful and unconcerned with others...none of that will make me feel any better so I wont pray for it lord instead I pray for your grace and for you to take my hand and guide me out of this dark place im in now and thank you for those who r doing ur work trying to intercede in my life with prayer. Thank you lord in ur name I pray. AMEN

by MorninGloryAngel

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Anything is possible with God at your side. God knows you are a sinner because we are all sinners. He knows the mistakes you will make for the rest of your life. Just pray to him everyday for true repentance and to guide you to the right people, places and things and everything will work out just fine. You are in my prayers fellow child of God. You are NOT alone.

ARL | on Jan 24, 2010

Thank you For ur words and prayer

MorninGloryAngel | on Jan 24, 2010

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