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Father God, you calm me. I have lost everthing I own including love, all possessions and animals and in the process have been born again to discover I am the richest man alive. Money does not measure the person- it is the love, time, thoughtfulness, compassion and God Spirit of one's self that makes them. We were created to shine. Shine today and imoact a life. You will impact your own life in the process.

by Michael C.

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Bless you!

Anonymous | on Feb 06, 2012

Thank you for praying for my grandparents..i dont know where u are but im in australia..i spent some tine without anywhere to live when I was younger..i understand about the support services being like to give you a suggestion..what I ended uo doing was going to army supply store..and purcaseing a cheap tent..i then travelled arround different campsites telling people I was on a break from may not be right fir you..but it helped me fir awhile..because I was mostly in thw countryside I went to farms and asked about fr fruit picking that gave me a bit of money sometimes..and at keast if your in a camping ground then you are less likely to ve hassled as people just think your on holidays.. Its just an idea. God bless you I know its a hard time for yoy but your words show strength. God bless you

Daughter | on Feb 07, 2012

Lol sodry abot poor spelling I cant get the hang of my phone ! I hatr the idea of anyone spending the night outside..i KNOW how it feels..not nice at all..ill try to think of some ither wayd to help ..if you can tell me what country and state you are in ( no ither first ! I can try look into whats avalable to help you if you would like ?

Daughter | on Feb 07, 2012

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