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The Devil would use anybody to take You away from God whether it's your closets family member or an enemy or even a complete stranger. That's why we have to stay prayed up and not lose our focuse on God no matter what. I could kinda say lesson learned but I'm still learning and I'm refuse to give up on God.

by ♥ God's Son

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Sis Pam | on Feb 06, 2012

Its not easy n th devil kicks us when wer down. It takes strong will som days to stay focused n keeping eyes on God

Muffy7 | on Feb 06, 2012

Focus more in good less on bad then you can't fail. Satan is created by God so if the spirit of God lives in you how can you let Satan trip up.

god\'s girl | on Feb 06, 2012

Thank You all! God's girl you always there to help lift my spirit and your words be so true. I appreciate your wisdom. God bless you!

♥ God\'s Son | on Feb 06, 2012

U too!

god\'s girl | on Feb 06, 2012

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