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I feel very stressed, I have at least one, maybe two to three very important phone calls that not only make me nearvious but have for some period of time now, but I can't keep on avoiding them, and I so much need some Brothers and Sisters standing in the gap for me. Calls concerning short term/ long term disibility, I am trying not to let fear get the best of me, but all these calls need to be made ASAP, but Brothers & Sisters I am scared to death to just make the calls, but what they might tell me, and my wife and I so desperately need this income to offset where I use to have a full check coming in. I have been disabled now for almost 6 mths, I am no good at handling admenistrative paperwork, and thus far every thing every corner has been nothing but a big bundle of burocrecy and red tape. Please Pray that today will offer a breakthrough. Please Pray for me ! Holy Spirit Please also intevenene on mine and my wifes behalf ! Kim
Thank You, so far one call through and they got info, I just got to call Social Security back local ASAP to give them the information too. Second phone call got up with the lady and she was to get back up with the insurance company, and promised me she would get back up with me today or shortly as she implyed . Please contintiue to Pray and fill in the gap for me, I still feel so nearvious, but thank you for lifting me in Prayer allready up to this point . Please keep Praying, this call is very urgent to me ! Thank you Brothers & Sisters in Christ ! And thank You too Holy Spirit for what You have done so far !
Call #2 came back in as the lady promised, she took soom updated info and said the insurance people were to call her back this evening or she would be getting back with them in the morning with the new information, and to relay my concerns to the insurance company about so much buracracy and red tape. Also I asked if She were a Christian and tried to explain the severe nervious state I was in and have been over this situation, I also asked Her if She would Pray for me and I believe my wife over this very serious situation. She said She would and would be happy to, and to do whatever elese She could to get the issues fixed so we could get back on track. Please Pray for this Lady that She would have enough influence to get all this done, and Please continue to Pray for me & my wife in these matters. Thank you & God Bless you !

by KH

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