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Please pray for my Oldest Daughter, She is so stressed. There are situational things between Her Mother and Her that just hurt so badly to see the friction and anger between the two. Holy Spirit rather than for me to ramble on, You know and You understand what is going on and how satan has kept them torn appart. I need Your intervention to somehow help them to please stop this feuding. Also Lord You know how I have always ended up being caught in between them, because each wants me to take a side, and the only side I want Jesus is a side of Peace and Harmony. Lord I want You in my life, I want a better marraige that has been starved for years, Lord I would like to have my sanity, and emotional well being restord. I want Good for my Grandson, and Good for all my Children. I want Good for my Wife and Our Marriage. I want Peace and Emotional stabilty for my Family and for Myself, but satan has come to still, kill, & destroy. I am no match for him, but Lord I know You are and The Battle has already been fought and won back on Calvery. Lord You are my Maker, My Saviour, and My Deliverer. I need You to intervene again. I know I am constantly coming to You with request but I am twice born, and You know every hair upon my head. I know You care about all this, and I know You would never not want me to bring even my simplist Prayers to You. Jesus, You are The Healer and I have no one elese to turn too. Please hear my Prayer, act upon my Prayer, and help me not to believe lies of the devil as though You did'nt care, because I know You do, and I know my Reademer Lives. Thank You Jesus ! Amen !

by KH

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