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Lord please help me I need understanding I been with my childs father 9 years hes done me so wrong in so many ways breaks up with me for no reason then gives me this story of how he misses me I give him another chance then he breaks my heart again I just dont understand it two days ago he broke up with me again for nothing then today had the nerve to ask me for some money lord god I dont get this at all I been nothing but loyal and all he done was be fake and play games lord I pray you help me be strong cause I dont want to be hurt agan and I really want him to rralize his wrongs I pray you touch him lord help him realize his wrongs and correct them and not be so cold hearted I pray he realizes what real loyaly is and learns to appreciate lord im lost for words with him I cant even reply to him asking me for money I just pray for strength in jesus name I pray amen.

by Anonymous

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I pray for you, I know we as women try to say men and change them but what I been blessed with was to learn that we can't change anyone but ourselves you see the only control you have is over yourself! Once you change then he will to because he is only doing what you allow him to do to you! So I pray that Jesus will touch you and give you the courage to change the circumstances of your relationship with this man! Jesus may she love herself the way you say in the bible! Show her that she is strong enough to bring peace to her life and give her site so that she may know that people do to her what she allows them and to be strong enough to say no more! Amen

Ibis Y. Colon | on Feb 06, 2012

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