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This is another day Dear Jesus, I have something to cry out to You that is so deeply penetrated within my heart & soul that I cannot get it out. My God, I know I fail You and have failed You most of my life, please forgive me, I have never ment to do that, and it makes me feel so badly. Father my vocabulary and ability to think things out is so bad, and yet I need so much to reach You. Can I ask if it is just satan always making me feel like I fail You so. I will never be any of these Radio or TV evangelisr, and Lord I try to be kind to everone I come into contact with, but I will say I feel I have always been more of an introvert than an extrovert, I have extreme trouble communicating with others outside of just being nice to them. I try to talk but I seem so limited to my conversations, to be quite frank Lord this has always caused me a lot of severe lonelyness, and Lord I have always desired that either directly from You or a specially sent Christian that You sent I would be helped or tuttered so to speak. I am almost 60 yrs old now and speaking to people still does not come. The only thing in this area of my life I have to cling to is the fact that I have ask and to know that Your Word tells us all things are possible with God, so even though I am getting old maybe You will somehow, someway, special tutter me for this and despite my long years of learning disibilities . Lord I so much want to be an extrvert in being able to speak with others, but especially open my mouth to speak The Gospel of Jesus Christ with my toung, but with my mind too. Help me that You, Your Word, and The Things of God would be The Primary Things that would ever come out of my mouth from this special learning tuttering I have never had before would be used primarily to loose my toung to tell others about You Jesus and what You have done for us. Lord I have always felt inadaquate, and it hurts so deeply that to just do things like reading my Bible or just being kind to others, it has not been nor will it ever be enough, Lord I will go to my grave feeling this way unless You help me. I am nothing special, but You know my heart is sencere that I both desire this from You and will use it as I said. God please either do this direct or do not delay, I am asking for special education, or special tuttering in both Your Word and how to more verbally become an extrvert in speaking Your Word, not for my glory nor my honor Lord but, for Your Glory and Honor. And Lord too, I don't know if this is more of the actual root cause of my having so much mental and emotional destress or not but, Please help that area of my life too Dear Jesus. I so much need Your Help my Lord. I have been a wreak so much of my life, and have been basically shipwrecked most of my life even in being a Christian. Lord I come to You because You are God, and You can and do Miricles that mo one elese can do, and because I believe You want better for me Your Child and to pull me out of the mist of this really dark bolstrious storm that I have been in. I also believe that I will know without a shadow of a dought that You have Healed Me in this area of my life, and that there will be a tremendous change in my life and those around me, and those I come in contact with the remainder of my life ! Thank You Jesus in advance for what You are about to do, and for the favor You are about to show me . Lord Please Help Me Not To Let My Faith Wavior on This, It Is So Important That I Believe. Jesus Where My Faith Is Weak, Help It To Grow, And Help Me To Always Love You With All My Heart, Soul And Mind, And To Love My Neighbor As Myself, in fact better than myself. Help Me To Love Myself Too ! I ask all of this in Your Presious Name Jesus ! Amen !

by KH

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