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Lord, thank you for waking me up this morning. Thank you for waking my children up, for protecting our home, for protecting our car, Lord Jesus please forgive me of my many sins, the things I keep on my heart, my destractions, my addictions, forgive me Lord for my thoughts my pride for feeling like I can do it on my own...Lord I am thanking you for the peace that you have given me that you are my peace you are my rest haven, that you are my provider, Jesus please keep a hold on my tongue, help me to talk the way you would like me to talk to talk about the things you would like me to talk about... Lord please touch my actions and help me to do the right things with the blessings you have provided me, help me to keep you first in my tithing in my getting up and laying help me not give anything more time then I give you...Jesus help me not be just a fan Lord, help me to be a true follower Lord, a true believer and walker in your word, show me how to pray for others how to love others and have concern about what others are going through and their pain and hurt, Lord please open my heart to what you want me to know what you want me to hear, help me to use my time wisely. Lord I ask that you help me to forgive without arrogance and pride help me to not look down upon people or gossip and backbites, Jesus I ask that you please place your favor on my life, I confess I have messed up my finances, I have not tithed, I have walked off the path and I know nolonger feel you as close as I did before please allow me to get back in relationship with you. Jesus I pray for an increase and a stabilizing in my finances, letting nothing get cut off or interrupted, please allow me to receive the full amount of my tax check and pay down my debts and help Raven, I pray that I am a positive example and that I am able to touch her life when she's hurting Please Lord I ask that you lead and guide me in every area of my life, these things. things I ask in Jesus holy name praying with expectancy and Thanksgiving Amen, Amen& Amen

by livingtohearhim

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