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I don't ever want it to seem as if I'm using god I pray to him every day and night he knows my heart but he also knows I'm no saint far from it I'm aware he made us through sin but I can't understand why I'm being so stupid my period is do to come on this week but I get scared that I may be pregnant every time I have sex unprotected like he pulls out but we can't always guarante that's not going to leave speem in very afraif I feel like I'm not but I'm still very scared I know that if god allows me this chance to get on birth control I will take it because if I life I said no one is perfect if I decide to have sex again I can't get pregnant ice already sined enough I feel like I've disobyed and dissapointed god so much I hardly know why he still bothers to hear my cry but I pray so very hard that I'm not because I don't want to not be married with children since I couldn't hold my body til I was married I at least want to get something right and I don't want to shame myself nor mt family so I beg whoever reads my prayers along with me please send your prayers up got me to not be pregnant I saw how jury my mother father and entire family was even my eldest sister got pregnant with no husband I don't want that for myself nor my family I still have do much to do and a childi would not be able to provide for at all it hurts me to even have to ask this favor because I know the greatest way to boy get pregnant is not have sex epically premarital sex I pray so hard that god hears my cry and saves me from this in jesus name I pray amen

by Vicky

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