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I know this might sound shady but im actually athiest at this moment (but trying to find god) & I have prayed to him so I can win a raffle to go to Disneyland, for my 8yo brother, we come from a poor family & hes never been so please hope I win & I will continue my path on searching for God . Thank you

by Nanda

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to nanda.. God tells me to tells me to tell you 'you are not poor even your familie is not guys just feel poor ..god loves you if you are praying dont pray that you are poor.

Anonymous | on Feb 03, 2012

It doesn't sound shady,it sounds truthful,GOD loves truth,he is the author of it..I pray to the one true GOD,of everything,that you win that raffle,&JESUS wins your heart.GOD BLESS,you.

Anonymous | on Feb 03, 2012

I hope you win the raffle to Disney and I hope you have a great time and that you all will be safe. In your search for God the Father, know this as it is written that no one comes to God the Father except through Jesus Christ. Seek Jesus and you will find God. Lord Jesus help Nanda to find you and to accept you as Lord of his/her life. Lord give him/her a wonderful experience of indoctrination in the Christian life. Help them to see that it has been a miracle that they have survived this long without you as it was a miracle for us all. Lord shed the scales over their eyes so that they may see that you are alive and the Lord of hosts.Father keep your eye on Nanda and when the timing is right for him/her please bring them into the kingdom family. In Jesus name

Winddancer | on Feb 03, 2012

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