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What a I doing wrong dear God? I felt good for about a month and now I feel bad again. I really really hate being on my own. What are your plans for me? I want someone to love me I feel so lonely. I don't want to cry myself asleep. Tell me what to do. Help me please, please, please!!! I can't stand this loneliness. I am so thankful for my family and friends but there is something they just cannot give me. Please help me God. Amen

by hopeful & trusting You

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Saved | on Feb 01, 2012

I know the feeling its not fun! But God faith is the key. . Im alone too but Keep ur head up: -)

faithfulman02 | on Feb 02, 2012

I am trying but sometimes it just feels hopeless. Thank you for your support. It helps.

hopeful | on Feb 02, 2012

I've been there, it comes and goes so many times before you healed. But don't worry, it will become sooner and sooner each time. I had all the same feelings just like you before, so I can understand. Keep praying and believing, everything will be alright.

Anonymous | on Feb 09, 2012

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