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God, my life is a struggle now, yoy know me and my life and what I have lost. They're gone and I can't get them back. I thank you for the time I had with them and I thank you for my memories. God, I understand you have a plan for my life. Forgive me for not loving myself and others much sooner. I ask that you replace what I have lost with spiritual healing and love versus material things. Allow my body to be your vessel to aid others in healing their lives. I have seen many good things and many very bad things. I live to serve you. Use me. I truly believe that many people in the world do not realize that love, not money, is what they should live for. We all need to pay bills, but do we need to drive Alfa Romeos, Range Rovers, ? Money is not used properly by many,if not most, that have it. I do not witness rich people, some are even pastors of your house, Lord-giving to the poor and going into the streets to eagerly preach and spread your word and life saving news. I pray for change, Jesus. Change our mindset and thinking. Change our hearts and spirits to love our neighbors and be kind and to be compassionate toward everyone always, not just Sunday or somedays. Do they not read the bible and know your word? Poor people are going to inherit the Heavens and Earth. They know HOW to love and that material things are not important. Status and ego are evil things and wickedness and deception, lies and **** are all of the devil.
God, hear me now, hear my prayer for rhis world and it's people to wake up today and attempt to be closer to you, with the same effort as they put into their self serving lives.
In the Holy name of Jesus Christ and His Heavenly Angels I pray,

by Michael C.

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Strong In the LORD | on Feb 01, 2012


Maranatha | on Feb 01, 2012

May God bless you Michael. I truly come into agreement with your prayer.

Winddancer | on Feb 02, 2012

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