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Jesus I thank you for this beautiful day! And forgive me my sins and remove any bad feelings I might be harboring! Remove any negative energy in my path! Jesus thank you for this urge that I have to spread your beautiful words! Jesus I lift Aiden Robert Higgins up to you, I ask you to keep him in a safe enviorment where he is well taken care of and truly loved! Jesus they aren't ready to be parents and not even ready to be with each other all they do is fight please Jesus keep Aiden away from that environment he is innocent and does not deserve that! I am willing to care for him as his grandmother I am well aware that he is not mine and every minute I tell him this that Becky is his mother! I do what I do with all the love in my heart you won't ever hear a complaint out my mouth! Jesus you know what his life would be like from person to person house to house! Jesus I put Aiden in your hands so this won't happen and I give myself to be his caretaker until his parents grow up and think of Aiden not themselves! Jesus I know they should not be together Lord because is not going to end well! Jesus bless Becky with a true love and bless Sheridan with a girl that will be his true love now Jesus please end this before one ends up dead and one in jail! Holy father I ask this of you with a mothers heart! Amen! Please brothers and sister pray with me this is not a good love match!

by Ibis Y. Colon

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