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Lord, ive been having alot on my mind lately.. First let mw thank you for loving me in spite of and for always being there even when I was too selfish to acknowledge you... Lord I know your grace is sufficient for me/us but what's bothering me is how I continue to one min be so focused on you & the next so focused on myself and my flesh... Its never consistent... Lord I know you are more than able to set me free from my flesh... I may not be doing anything really bad but I go from trying to serve you to not even thinking about it... ????!!! I know there is no one without sin and I know that no one is perfect but I dont want to be luke warm... I want to be sold out completely for you 24/7... Is that possible?? I dont feel like my week here then my week off is enough... I know what matters is that I never stray too far from you but taking things into my hands is far enough for me... I dont want to live life like this... I know I have more potential but how do I get there... Lord you are my God... I belong to you... I am not my own.. I am yours so Lord I ask you today to take my weak try's and turn them into your doing... Not my own father... I am too weak, I have no power to be sold out for you.. Lord deliver mw from myself... Give me true wisdom, complete understanding how I can be completely sold out for you.. Lord you know all that I am dealing with, I trust that you will deal with it without me even trying to have any part in it!! Lord touch his soul.... In Jesus name I trust pray and believe... Amen

by Lita

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We all have the same struggles. Don't beat yourself up. Try leaving your bible open on the dinning room table-it will draw you, put one in the bath room, set an alarm to read for five minutes or give a prayer of thanks...Wow! what a good word for me also :)

Winddancer | on Jan 31, 2012

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