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Sometimes GOD, i lay in bed and just think about how great you are now, and always have been.i think about how you created the things on earth,then decided you wanted,company so you made us,& how you put JESUS,in Mary's body,& how you got MOSES,to pay attention to you by the burning bush,& parted the red sea.what about the time you shut the lions mouth for Daniel.saved the Hebrew kids in the fiery furnace,the rainbow you put in the sky,etc,etc.& the way JESUS went back up to heaven.& said the same way I left is the same way I am coming use the foolish things to make a wise person just scratch his head,they read all those books, and ignore the ONE book,you wrote.sometimes I just smile,because you gave me childlike faith to believe everything,YOU say.. one of my favorite parts,is when you told Moses to say tell them I AM sent you .now that really got to me,again I just smiled and realized that was the best answer I ever heard.YOU are everything, you give us so much to think about.I can't even look at drop of water and not think of you.thank-you that I have you to walk and talk to all day long. We talk about everything.I am so overwhelmed by you.Thank-you LORD for saving me,so I could see what I didn't see alone. Amen.

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Anonymous | on Jan 31, 2012

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