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Brothers and Sisters I don't ever say anything about the prayers I am here to share a gift I was given thru birth by God! And I don't want no to take it personal but lately when I read the prayers I get this sadness because it seems that many are praying with out hope and believe in their hearts! I know that we are going thru very very hard times and it feels like we are sinking! But people we are Christians and we are a part of God and he will never forsake us! When we pray we have to pray with faith and believe the Lord for his favor! He hears us each and every one of us! And there is not one prayer more important than the other we are all equal in his eyes! We are talking about God people not humans that at times we can be selfish and think that my problem is bigger than yours no! When we pray it suppose to make us feel hopeful, how you think God feels when he hears I don't really think you can, or it's hard to believe you will! Why should he answer why what's the point if we don't believe! He is almighty God and he loves us and wants us to live a blessed life! So let's trust him for his word! We all have bad days that dose not mean that God is not with you! And when things don't go the way you wanted it to go dose not mean he forgot you my friend! God never said we would live life without burdens, what he said is that he would carry us thru our burdens! So my friends let's not sweat the little stuff! Let's believe God for his word put your problem in his hands and leave it there and pray for someone else that is doing worse than you are and you'll feel better and your blessing will be release faster! Remember we should be thankful thru our circumstances becuz my friend it can alway get worse! And I don't want any person that is not a Christian that's praying for the first time to think that christians that have a relationship with God don't have faith or trust the Lord, do you think he who is praying for the first time is going to trust, I wouldn't! We lead by example and we are here to give hope to the hopeless and to spread Jesus word! Let's pray all together and move mountains and release all the blessings in this prayer app! I just want all of us to have faith and believe that God is hearing us and each one of your prayers will be answered! My intention was not to make anyone feel bad so please don't take it personal! I know God answer our prayer he has answered each and everyone of mine! I believe in him with all my heart , my soul and I want to help spread how good God is! God bless you all!

by Ibis Y. Colon

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Thank you. ;)

Touched by God. ;) | on Jan 31, 2012

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