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I need prayer my heart is beating so fast my anxiety and panic is do so so do bad right more I need prayer!!!!!! Please everyone pray for me this is horrible feeling I'm scared and I do believe on His he is my master he its my FATHER why am I feeling this way when I have faith in him why is my faith not working I keep praying for him to help me and calm me but I'm still feeling this way please pray for me everyone!!!! Jesus please I, cry out to you please hear me Jesus please heal me so u can get the things done I have to do today and get moved to my new house and please bless that house Jesus stay in that gone with us and we praise you Lord..please Jesus be with me I, need you so much Jesus please in calling out to you please heal this feeling and panic anxiety fear upset stomach rapid heart rate phrase Jesus hear my cry I neetd you this is supposed to be an easy thing to do to move across the high way Jesus thats all I have trip do is move across the highway!!! Jesus I, call upon you with ask mt great and soul please new my strength and shield me from this panic and anxiety I'm having this gay heart beat please calm me..i want to be a good mom and do starts best got my family Jesus help me do this take this panic fear anxiety day heart rates agoraphobia away! I have spoken and posted out loud I have yelled at the devil that he is under my feet and to leave me alone..Jesus please help me Jesus please help me!! Take this dizziness away heal me Jesus oh Jesus I'm calling on you Jesus please help me please help me!!! I CAN DO,THIS I CAN DO THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY FAITH WILL NOT BE SHAKEN!!!!!!!!!! I call upon you Lord!!!!! I can do this I'm fine its just a simple move you have never let me down or not heard my cry please help me! I need u now Jesus im getting io p to go over there now Lord phrase hold my hand and help me go this this its simple!! I have faith..I'm leaving my house now I love you Jesus!!!!!

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