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pray for the driveway that dads working on as he delivered 20 tons of shingle, pray that they will be happy with there work
Pray for hamid for work
Pray for Amos for his teeth and for work
Pray for luciene that I can have enough money to support her financially , physically and spiritually
Pray that I can get to the young people's meeting on Saturday and that I can stay pure with luciene and that she can evangelise with me
Pray that I can evangelise today as we have the guy doing the Internet and pray that I can have conversations and pray that I can hand out tracts
Pray that I can get more tyndale commentaries and have a breakthrough with work that I will know what profession I want to work in as I am trained in computing
Pray for luciene that i can get a good valentines present and that we can have a good time on Saturday and she can come to church or I can go to her church
Pray for Sam as his boiler went down That they can get it working
Pray that I will know whether luciene is my spouse that we can pray and spend more time together, pray that I can have enough money for a wedding and have a full time job and support her financially, spiritually and physically
Pray for a godly husband for my sister and that she will write Christian songs
Pray that I can go to Israel

Pray that I can pray
Pray that I can use my time wisely And make use of every minute of my day
Pray that god can unite my heart to fear his name
Pray for Ben and chiara
Pray for luciene that I can pray with her
Pray for Steve
Pray for Phillip and jamie
Pray for Phillip as he has a depressed wife and he has two children in care, pray that Phillip can get his house sorted out as he is a postman and has got to see his wife in hospital and he has got a court case today, pray that he can get his life sorted out
Pray for Anita as she has struggling with her breathing and she has real problems and she has not been to church
Pray for tony Pearce has he has a hearne and pray for his preaching
Pray for Andy Coomber for his health
Pray for Natalie and Elle and that they are foster caring there daughters child pray that they would be able to do it
Pray as I so want to evangelise tommorow and get work on Wednesday and Friday to support seeing my girlfriend and going to church
Pray for my evangelism on Tuesday
Pray for Rita for her radiotherapy
Pray for Gary and lyn
Pray for jay and Emily
Pray for michael west
Pray for John g for his preaching and for a new pa system
Pray for Esther that she will find a godly husband and that she can write Christian music with Rachael and Rachael to be convicted of sin and go to church
Pray for our dog as we have had behavioural problems with our dog that she steals things and barks and we do not know what to do as we come to new problems pray that she can get better

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