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I tried to sleep but feel a disturbance in my spirit. Lord what is it? Wrestling with myself because I recognize the spirit of pride within myself. Please everyone if I write a prayer to you, don't thank me personally. I promise they are Spirit inspired. When I am thanked personally one of the three voices (the voice of the enemy) says look at what you did. The me or 'I' voice says I did and the voice of the Lord becomes quiet. Just thank the Lord that someone really prayed. Let's give the glory to Him so I can sleep :) Amen? Amen!

by Winddancer

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Glory to God in the highest forever and ever. I feel like you, Winddancer. God bless with a peaceful and restful sleep.

🌹Peace🌹 | on Jan 30, 2012

Amen! That's why I take no credit for what I write I don't even know what I m writing becuz I m in a trance I know I m just the pencil for Jesus!

Ibis Y. Colon | on Jan 30, 2012

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