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Father the needs of your children on this app are great. Here Lord the cries of your children, "how much more Lord, how much longer Lord?" Lord cause the wind to blow through the Crept Myrtles that we may know that you have delivered the enemies into our hands. Let us stand Lord and fight the good fight and let us lift each other up in our times of despair. Let us not call ourselves smarter or wiser than you but rather remain humble to your will and your way. Here Lord the cries of your children on this app, other prayer lines, on their knees and so on. Come Holy Spirit Lead and guide us into the truth. Give us the courage to declare the word of the Lord and to discern the actions of the enemy. We know father that our fight is not with flesh and blood but with powers and principalities that have exalted themselves in high places. Equip us Lord for the fight. Equip us Lord to DECLARE THE WORD, the two-edge sword, for the power of your word cannot be denied by any. Father thank you for sending Angels to minister and to fight on behalf of your people crying out for your help. Let there be peace in the minds and hearts of us. And remind us that sometimes you don't give us our desire for our own protection, just like a good parent. Thank you Father for being a good parent to us. In Jesus name I declare peace to the storms raging in the minds (soul) of the people on this app. I declare that those who have loss jobs, marriages etc will be restored as JOB was restored. I declare by the word of God the seed of righteousness will not beg for bread, for as the raven delivered food to Isaiah so shall our God Almighty deliver, by his method, food and shelter to those in need on this app.I declare that today we as the children of God will stop begging God and stand on/declare his word. Lord I am angry at what is being done to your children, how much more you? You did not promise that we would not have trial and tribulations. Jesus said He would be praying for us in the day of adversity as with Peter. Holy Spirit guide us to one, just one scripture according to our situation and for one day let us unite and and stand on that word in agreement for each other. Lord, I understand that the poor (in spirit) we will always have with us. I declare Lord that we are fully equipped to to work the fields (calling those things that are not as though they are.) Grant Lord these petitions. Here Lord, Speak Lord....Lord deliver this group of people from their trials that they my reach out to the ones poor in spirit AND to declare the POWER or your word, of your awesomeness. Grant Lord your anointing and power that even those covered by our shadows will be healed and delivered. Father thank you for blessing these people according to their needs, according to their cries. In Jesus name--AUTHORITY--AMEN

by Winddancer

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