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Dear god I wanna say that I'm sorry cause I forgot to thank you for helping me pass my test the first time without studying :).God I hope you know that I do love you an I am thankful for everything you do but them text an posts that say pass on if your not ashamed of god an other stuff well I just want you to know that I ain't ashamed its just there is so many of them that it gets crazy.I wanna pray really super hard that my pregnancy test comes back positive I really want a baby girl an please don't take this one from me also that Dennis starts bein nice to john I love them both but they need to get along.I wanna pray about Tracys dad,Brittanys stepson an everyone on this pray app help them with their needs an answer their prayers.Help Dennis stay faithful an show him the right path let him find a great job to help us out.Please Jesus I pray for all of this especially about the pregnancy test.Thank you for giving me an my loved ones a new day to wake up too I love you an hope you have a great day today.Amen.

by Cynthia642

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I know what you mean by the e-mails that say "if you are not ashamed." It does get crazy. I am reminded of the woman who walked behind Paul yelling and screaming out "Bless it be the name of the Lord." Paul eventually turned around and rebuked her. She was a distraction and not of God. We are reminded to work as unto the Lord. I receive all those e-mails at work and I am distracted away from what I was hired to do. The Lord knows, for sure, if you and I are ashamed. Don't worry about the e-mails. Father bring the kindness and sweet spirit of the Holy Spirit into the above situation. Bless Cynthia with a baby girl for all the right reasons, YOUR WILL. In your name Jesus, I rebuke contention and strife that exist between Dennis and John. Lord we bind that spirit of strife and we loose the attributes of the Holy Spirit: love, patience, kindness, long suffering etc upon Denis and John. Help them to see iron sharpen iron and that they are a mirror of each other. In Jesus name...Amen

Winddancer | on Jan 30, 2012

Thank you so much.That really touched my heart almost brought me to tears.I'm very grateful for your prayer.

Cynthia642 | on Jan 30, 2012

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