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Dear lord im getting real discouraged right now & im trying to be so hopeful,got fired from a job i love cause of a mean,spitful,racist woman right b4 xmas,then got my taxes done 7 i only get $1200,which i am thankful for but it just makes me so mad that i try so hard to do right,pay taxes,work, & ppl that dont even work just sit around & do nothing is getting $3-4000 in taxes!!!! Just illegally! Im so far behind in bills & everything i guess im just venting cause i just dont think its right,but lord i just ask u to give me the strength to keep hopeful that i find a new job,i just wanna be able to pay my bills lord

by Lonely soul

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I understand exactly how you feel. I'm thankful to have a job by a God's grace, but I wanted to cry, as I do not make a whole lot of money and the bills are piling up, and when getting my taxes done, discovered I have to pay back, I was very sadden that I had to pay back when I know God knows I REALLY pray to be debt free. PRAY!

ESTELI\'AH | on Jan 30, 2012

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