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Please dear God, don't let me be pregnant. I've never even had sex or been near a boy but I'm still having all the symptoms and I'm worried there might have been sperm in my shower water. Please dear god help me.

by Abigail

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Rest easy, honey....everything will be all right. God bless you.

EyesOnChrist | on Jan 28, 2012

Go bless you as well

Abigail | on Jan 29, 2012

Abigail, how are you, honey?

EyesOnChrist | on Jan 30, 2012

I feel alot better. I think it is just PMS

Anonymous | on Jan 30, 2012

It happens. Please know I am praying for you. I'm here to talk if you need to. God bless.

EyesOnChrist | on Jan 30, 2012

Thank you. I took a test and am not pregnant. Your prayers were heard. :) God bless you.

Anonymous | on Jan 30, 2012

Praise the Lord, and good morning Abigail. It's 7am here in Australia, and I have been praying for you. Have a truly blessed and Jesus filled day. :-)

EyesOnChrist | on Jan 30, 2012

Thank you. You as well

Anonymous | on Jan 30, 2012

I will never forget the kindness you have shown to
me. I'm forever in your debt

Anonymous | on Jan 30, 2012

Sweetie, there is no debt, just a tugging on my heart for you, one sister to another. Jesus loves you so much. Cling tight to that, and to Him. God bless you, honey.

EyesOnChrist | on Jan 30, 2012

Thank you. I will follow that advice. I'll never forget. May God smile on you, my sister.

Anonymous | on Jan 30, 2012

And on you...and I know He already does. :-)

EyesOnChrist | on Jan 30, 2012

As with you. :) an angel must have sent you to me.

Abigail | on Jan 30, 2012

Bless you Sweetie. It was I said, He loves you so much. And also, if you ever need to chat, I'm on here almost every day. Just address a post to me, and I'll see it. Big hug.

EyesOnChrist | on Jan 30, 2012

You too, and good morning! :) it's 7 now where I am too

Abigail | on Jan 31, 2012

Good morning Abigail. We've had rain all night here and I love rainy days. I'm enjoying my first coffee of the day, I have the cat on my lap, and Jesus in my heart. Gonna be a good day. I pray yours was, and that you are filled with the peace of Jesus Christ. Hugsxx

EyesOnChrist | on Jan 31, 2012

To you too! My day was great, how has yours been? :) give my love to your cat, for they are the most irresistible creatures god put on this earth. May he smile on you

Anonymous | on Jan 31, 2012

It's been a very good day. My cat would love you because he loves people. He'd sit right on you and be very happy. I've always loved cats.

EyesOnChrist | on Jan 31, 2012

So do I :) what about dogs?

Anonymous | on Feb 01, 2012

I like dogs. I used to be very afraid of them because I was attacked by a rottweiler years ago, but Jesus is helping me overcome that fear through His strength. Praise Him! :-) Because I used to be very, very afraid of any dogs.

EyesOnChrist | on Feb 01, 2012

Praise Jesus :)

Anonymous | on Feb 02, 2012

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