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Lord, please speak through me. I don't want to sound mean or rude & offend or hurt anyones feelings. Here's my problem : I have a friend that I've known since middle school, & we are all grown up in our 30's we have our own families, I know she don't mean any harm, but @ times she can be very annoying she calls & text me constantly & gets upset when I don't answer her back, & when I do she is so nosey wants to know what I'm doing, where I'm @ etcetera ......... & every time I'm on my Facebook she's always liking my status. She like smoothering, but I don't know how to tell her to back off without sounding mean. My fiancΓ©e is beginning to think wrong about her. Please God what should I do. Anyone have any suggestions please!

by Anonymous

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In order to respect you fiancιe you have to tell the lady that u don't need any strife with you soon to be wife and she needs to respect that
and move on. If she wont then u are going to have to cut her off.

god\'s girl | on Jan 25, 2012

Honesty is the best policy. Suggest you gently, kindly and lovingly explaine to your friend that there are times and things that are private to you. Explain you cherish your friendship with her but you need some space while you work on prepare to your future with your fiancιe. As for your fiancιe, he needs to understand your friendship with this lady was already there before he came along and is as much a part of your life as he is and you need his understanding while you work on resolving the issue.
Pray for God's help and guidance before you embark on the journey of enlightening these two important people in your life. God bless you.

😌Peace😌 | on Jan 25, 2012

Thank u Gods girl & Peace, thank so so much for your advice. God speaks through you'll to give me the best advice ever, really appreciated , may God bless both of you'll %u2020

Anonymous | on Jan 25, 2012

God bless you, Sweetie. Look to Him for guidance. There is no better advice than the one received from the One who truly knows it all.

😌Peace😌 | on Jan 25, 2012

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