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As we wake up each day , we get another chance to give in to christ , another chance to say sorry to those we have offended another chance to forgive those who have offended us . We have an option to make things right or just keep living in anger or stressed ! In life not everyone is going to like us or accept us ! Is your choice to allow what enters your mind ! If we learned to follow life the way jesus would we wouldnt go thru all the madness that we go thru ! The bible is a guideline and god has blessed us with common sense , so when are we going to stop living in our own worldy ways and start living the way god intened us to live ! We are meant to live in greatness in happiness full of love ! We need to stop constantly complaining and start to give thanks for everything we have ! No matter what your situation is SCREAM OUT THANK YOU JESUS FOR EVERYTHING !! Start making plans and execute them ! Stop allowing the world to run your life and let jesus run it for you ! Learn to say NO when necessary and learn to bring all your situations to god ! The bible says everything is possible for he who believes in christ name ! Now ask yourself... do i really believe or do i believe what my eyes see ! Remember having faith is believing what your eyes CAN'T see , not what your eyes can see ! People if you want your to live life the way god intened for us ! Rexamine yourself and start to believe ! Start to expect and dare to have faith ! Our father is perfect in every possible way if you truly have faith in him their is NOTHING THAT CAN STAND IN YOUR WAY !!! PRAISE BE TO THE LORD ! FOR HE HAS RISEN , Think about that people our savior defeated the world ! He looked at death and laughed in its face ! He is our father , who has favor in you ! His love is eternal no matter what you do !!

by Rik , Bronx ,NY

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Amen amen amen alleluia !!

tam | on Jan 22, 2010

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