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God please help me. It is all spiraling down. Ive been praying about this for days and it seems to be getting worse. I told my friend i like the girl he likes. Its not i want to like her, it just happened. Lord i ask you to remove these emotions from my heart. I ask you open my friend's eyes to see that i am denying myself, my emotions, for our friendship. For all three of us. Let it be that i am the only one hurt here. I dont it want to be weird between all of us. Lord please just help us all. And open his eyes and let him see that everything i do is because i care and love him. That when i speak Your name and try to correct him it is because i love him. Lord pleas just help me. Im so broken right now. The pain is getting to me, but i will not lose faith in you Lord. Please show me what is right Lord and what your will is so that i may accomplish it Lord. God i pray all this things in the name of your son Jesus Christ. Amen

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hey I am a teenage girl and I feel your pain!!!!! I hav been in your very situation many times where u feel like ur emotions are just tearing u to pieces and u can't stop them! I think it's pretty cool that u wer able to tell ur friend that u liked the girl he did even tho u knew he might be upset about it. honesty is the best way to heal the situation. if u stay honest with him and just tell him u didn't want anyone to get hurt and that is why u told him not fit any other reason then eventually he will come around and see that. I kno it is so hard. you want it to get better but it just gets worse and u don't want to like them but u do and it just gets complicated and turns into a boat load of drama. but I want to encourage u that u are NOT alone and it WILL get better and I kno this all from expirience. do not deny ur own emotions tho. that really won't help. stay honest with ur self god and ur friend. and make sure ur friend know ur not trying to take her from him. pls kno I am praying for u and don't get discouraged! it may not seem like it will get better but it will! u will be ok!

Anonymous | on Jan 18, 2012

That was a great comment.I agree.always remember the first commandment,&put a guard around your heart with the truth& promises of GODS word,make him always your first love. Stay faithful to him.he is the only one who will never leave you.this is the truth that helps me.I hope it helps,you sound like you have it together,I stand with you in prayer,I am far from a teenager,speak from experience,,

Anonymous | on Jan 18, 2012

Thank you. I need all the prayers i can get. I feel as if mine are going unheard. And im only getting hurt in the process. I dont want anyone to get hurt but i know i will i the end no matter the come. I pray God will mend my heart and have my eyes set on Him

Anonymous | on Jan 18, 2012

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