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Dear God,
My father is very sick. The doctor doesnt kno whats wrong with him yet. But he's always vomitin and coughin. Im afraid im goin to lose him. God can u give him the strength to recover. Dont take him away from me. Hes my other half. I half family member in haiti who are injured. Can u please help them? Can u please help me find the right college for me? Can you help me find the strength to get through this time with my dad, haiti, college acceptance and my court date? God i thank you for all you've done for me and for givin me another day to live. God give me courage and guide me through this tough stage. Most importantly help the people in haiti. In the name of Jesus Christ we pray. Amen

by Anonymous

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Ill pray for u. Keep ur faith

Anonymous | on Jan 20, 2010

Read my prayer, I'll see my bestfriends story about his dad. The only think I tell him is have FAITH cause it's gonna be alright:)

Anonymous | on Jan 20, 2010

Thank you guys. I really appreciate it

Angel_In_Disguise | on Jan 20, 2010

Anytime:) remember: Jesus LOVES you:):):)

Anonymous | on Jan 22, 2010

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