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Everyone keeps telling God is with me, I'm never alone, he never forsakes me. But can someone tell me why when I call him for help he never hears, or when I cry myself to sleep wishing he would see me he makes matters worse. Where is he when I need him ? To busy with someone more important ?

by Anonymous

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God us not to serve us, we are to serve God in God times and bad. God is not a "Sugar Daddy". God is God and wr are God's creation anarer are to worship him. Read The Book of Job and you will find that there is no answet for suffering any more thantgere is a reason that life should be filled with joy (human). Religion is a relationshio, a friendship with one you love and the one who loves you. Religion or faith doesn't provide answers, it is the answer and love is what binds us in faith. What other hope do have other than God and we will bever know the fulfilment of that hope until God calls into etenal life. Till then it is sit and pray for the grace to endure until the end.

Anonymous | on Dec 31, 2011

So in other words a relationship with God is one sided. I read the book of job and what I read was God made a deal with the devil to put his son through pain

Anonymous | on Dec 31, 2011

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