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Lord, please help me. I've been feeling very stressed & depressed lately & I just dont know wat to do. I became a born again christian last february, but now I feel like sin has taken over my life again..i don't know wat happened, I was doing so good! If it's not one thing, it's another..i feel like such a failure! I've been praying, but it seems like i'm not being heard. I need help, God! I hate feeling this way! I've made too many mistakes, & I don't want to continue to make them. I just want to come back to you, do what's right, & live a happy life, but I know it's going to be hard to turn away from my sinful ways now that I started doing them again. I need strength. Please help me! I'm not happy like I was back when I was in the Lord. Any words of encouragement or advice from other christians may help. How do I go back down the right path? Please help me, Lord. In Jesus name, I pray. Amen.

by Ms.B

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Learn everything you can about JESUS.know why you follow him,keep crying out to him,no matter what,he knows we are just dust & ashes.he will help you with everything,

Anonymous | on Dec 26, 2011

Every Christian undergoes such problem. It is good that you have recognised your mistakes. Always remember with God nothing is impossible. Keep reading bible every day. Praise our Savior every hour. Always remember that your God's child. Satan cannot take you away from him. Our God is slow to anger, so please turn back. No mater what happens keep reading bible and keep praising God. Satan will not near you. Attend Church at least once a week. Attend prayer meetings and pray for others.

Ashwin | on Dec 26, 2011

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