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Ok this is how I feel. I don't believe in God,bible, or the son. I want to, but I think that I'm going to Him for the wrong reason. I don't have faith or trust in this "God". I'm stone hearted and I know this but I don't know why it's hard for me to accept. Maybe it's because I can't trust a lowing world and how am I suppose to believe the bible is true in THIS lieing world? I'm being hard on this because we need to be truthful about this. Please comment.

by Josh

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I don't have any answers, but I know how you feel. It's hard to find people to talk to objectively about this.

Anonymous | on Jan 18, 2010

Sometimes we choose to believe in what we can see. You have to believe and stop doubting. I feel so depress and pray to God, I can't see him but I can feel him we all have a purpose its just believing it believing in yourself and sticking to it. We can't see him but he does exist. I prayed and for tonight my heavy heart is lifted. Give it a try

jae | on Jan 18, 2010

Oh love I can promise that there is a God. And he is a caring and loving Lord. What ever you ask of him he well do what's best for you. He loves you. Always has. Welcome to the family.

newlove | on Jan 18, 2010

God and Jesus are real, the bible is real and their the reason why your hear today. I know your going through hard times, we all are. I know how you feel before I never believed, but until I have enough courage to believe and seek god and put my trust into him. I was saved and now I believe and my whole life turned around because of the lord and the father, don't be afraid to seek god. Have strength and hope and don't pay attention to the world. Be one with the Lord. God bless you.

Estovan (My heart belongs to God) | on Jan 18, 2010

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