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Dear Lord, please come to Jennifer's rescue Lord. She desperately needs you and your guidance. The alcohol has taken her from us and we don't know what else we can do to get her back Lord. I have prayed to you, screamed for you, looked for you but I don't see you coming to the rescue Lord. She has lost her friends, family and now the devil seems to have her. Please Lord I'm begging you to tear him away from her. Please put your love back in her heart so that she is able to get her dignity and self worth back. Please Lord help us to bring our daughter back into our family and help her to distinguish evil from good and love from hate. I'm begging you Lord to help us and to keep her safe while she is on the streets of evil. Lord I miss her so much. If theres something I've done wrong please forgive me. Im trying to live my life as you ask and expect from me Lord but I don't see or hear you coming to her aid. please help me to save my child before its too late Lord, please I see her slipping and I'm begging you to rescue her and bring her back to us Lord. Please give her another chance to live a life that I know she wants and deserves. All her actions right now lord are because you have not been there yet to rescue her. Please Lord help her and guide her to the right path and give her the strength that she needs to get through this and brake off from all evil. Please Lord she is living her life without direction, give her the strength to find it Lord, please I'm begging you. I wake up everyday wondering if this OS the day I may lose her, PLEASE Lord don't take her from us, PLEASE, I know she thinks she may want to thrall in the towel but I know the reason is because you have not come to her rescue. Thank you Lord, amen. In the name of the father the son and the holy spirit amen.

by Roseee

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