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†Dear Lord,
I feel as if this is a silly prayer, but i feel confident enough to ask you. Well my Lord, i entered a contest to act and play a Role on one of my favorite tv shows. Living in Southern California Im trying to pursue Acting as a career and i am only a beginner. I would love for this to be one of my first acting experiences! It would help me so much having the opportunity to work with experienced professionals on a set. Please my lord, i only beg you to guide me and protect me through this difficult path i have choosen. Weather it works out or not, i know that whatever comes of this, is for my own good based on your wants for my future. Help me discover my godly talents and use them in your honor. I know you can hear this prayer because you've given me so much already! I love you!
Thank you JESUS for always keeping me POSITIVE! OPTIMISTIC! and for my CHARISMA!!! † #THANKFUL #GRATEFUL #HOPEFUL .....well the winner will be chosen this week and announced around or after December 14th 2012, but watever happens, i know its only for the best. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME BROTHERS AND SISTERS. #AMEN :D

by ALEX F :)

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We pray. Greetings from Sweden!

In God we trust! | on Dec 14, 2011

Alex, I will pray for you and keep the FAITH that's. What you have to want to do, just keep the FAITH a say it every minute of the DAY. I am a Song Writer and have been writing for about 15 or more years finished some albums and singles just waiting for someone to sing and record my music someone Sorta Famous. So I know what you are going through.i have a business I am trying to start but it takes money and last year I found out I had cancer I am in remission now II Am So Very Blessed I will Pray for You and Hope Your Dreams Will Come True. FAITH FAITH FAITH

Anonymous | on Dec 14, 2011

Thank you from SWEDEN!! I hope to visit your beautiful country time time. Also love ABBA!!! :)

ALEX F :) | on Dec 14, 2011

Anonymous, god bless you for your understanding and for the strong faith you have. I hope everything gets better and you defeat every obstacle that comes your way. I would love to read some of your music. My cousin is actually a music artist in the making....

ALEX F :) | on Dec 14, 2011

Any news? Maybe you are the future ABBA...

In God we trust! | on Dec 27, 2011

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